Hot Wheels Museum Opens In Maryland

In Maryland, a remarkable Hot Wheels museum has debuted, housing one of the world’s most valuable collections. Spanning approximately 4,000 square feet, the museum showcases the diecast cars meticulously gathered by Bruce Pascal, a commercial real estate agent from Washington, D.C. Pascal’s collection boasts over 7,000 items, including the rarest Hot Wheels car ever produced.

The crown jewel of Pascal’s collection is the 1969 Beach Bomb Volkswagen Type 2, deemed too unstable for plastic tracks by Mattel during its prototype phase. Additionally, the museum features wooden prototypes, original blueprints, and international editions of the iconic toy cars.

Beyond miniature replicas, Pascal’s museum also hosts full-sized treasures, such as a 1913 Ford Model T hotrod, renowned for winning the prestigious America’s Most Beautiful Roadster award in the 1964 Grand National Roadster Show. This very car was later immortalized as the Hot Heap in the Hot Wheels lineup, cementing its connection to the brand and earning its place in Pascal’s collection.

While Pascal’s family may question his fervent passion for Hot Wheels, visitors to the museum revel in the experience, sharing in Pascal’s enthusiasm for the beloved diecast cars. Pascal even keeps a stash of Hot Wheels on hand for trading with young collectors, ensuring the legacy of these miniature marvels endures for generations to come.

Although the Hot Wheels museum maintains limited opening hours, Pascal occasionally welcomes visitors on select Sunday afternoons. For enthusiasts in the Gaithersburg, Maryland area, reaching out to Pascal for a chance to explore his extraordinary collection is highly recommended.

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