Hot Wheels Introduces Innovative Die-Cast to Promote Open-Ended Play in Anticipation of Autism Acceptance Month

Mattel, a known company listed on NASDAQ as MAT has just introduced the Hot Wheels® Flippin die cast car. This new vehicle aims to encourage open ended play experiences coinciding with Autism Acceptance Month, in April. The Flippin Fast die cast offers a way for kids to explore the features of Hot Wheels cars, inspired by fidget toys. It allows children to roll it forward backward and even flip it over adding a dimension to playtime..

In collaboration with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) an organization led by individuals on the autism spectrum Hot Wheels ensured that the design of the Flippin Fast die cast caters to the needs of all Hot Wheels fans. This inclusive approach aims to provide a soothing and sensory experience for children who enjoy ended play.

Zoe Gross, Director of Advocacy at the Autistic Self Advocacy Network praised Mattels efforts, in creating this toy; “It’s wonderful to see Mattel acknowledging and meeting the needs of children through this toy. Allowing children to play freely without judgment promotes self regulation and self expression.”This car is designed to provide enjoyment in any way you choose whether for play or simply spinning the wheels highlighting that there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ approach, to playing with it.”

Although the Flippin Fast die cast is recommended for children aged three and above ASANs approval on the packaging indicates its suitability for meeting the play preferences of individuals within the autism spectrum community.

Ted Wu, who serves as Mattels Vice President and Global Head of Design for Vehicles emphasized the companys dedication to listening to consumer feedback; “Hot Wheels prioritizes hearing from consumers. Integrating their suggestions into our products to address their diverse needs through play. When it comes to this toy there really isn’t a ‘correct’ way to play. Whether you flip it spin it or roll it in any direction there are possibilities for everyone to enjoy.”

The collaboration between Mattel and ASAN goes beyond Hot Wheels with the nonprofit organization contributing to the creation of toy products and characters across Mattels brands. This partnership began with the introduction of Bruno, Thomas & Friends first character with autism featured across all franchise platforms in September 2022.

The Hot Wheels Flippin Fast stands as Mattels endeavor towards improving accessibility and inclusivity, within its product range by offering intentionally designed products that cater specifically to individual needs.The new Hot Wheels Flippin Fast is now, on sale in stores across the country for $1.25 joining Hot Wheels well loved collection of toys.

About Mattel

Mattel is a player in the toy and family entertainment industry known for its range of iconic brands globally. By captivating consumers and fans with franchises like Barbie®, Hot Wheels®, Fisher Price® American Girl®, Thomas & Friends™ UNO®, Masters of the Universe® Matchbox®, Monster High®, MEGA® and Polly Pocket® among others well as other favorite properties either owned or licensed in collaboration, with leading entertainment companies worldwide. Mattel offers a variety of toys, content, consumer goods, digital experiences and live events by partnering with retail and online companies to bring its products to customers.

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