Hot Wheels designs a car for kids suffering with autism

Hot Wheels cars have always been a favorite, among kids of all ages. The company is constantly coming up with ideas to make everyone feel included. Teaming up with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network Hot Wheels has unveiled their creation the Flippin Fast, designed specifically to make playtime more enjoyable for children with autism.

The Flippin Fast boasts a design that lets it roll smoothly whether its down or right side up. Its big wheels positioned at the points of its body and symmetrical construction along its x diagonal break away from traditional ideas of top and bottom or front and back. This design choice offers a creative play experience encouraging kids to let their imaginations run wild.

That’s not all there is to it. The Flippin Fast comes with a rotating center piece that houses the cockpit spinning independently from the rest of the car. This feature not adds an element of fun but also acts as a sensory tool offering tactile comfort for some children.

Zoe Gross, Director of Advocacy, at ASAN stresses how important it is for kids to play in ways that match their preferences supporting self regulation and self expression.
The Flippin Fast toy encourages children to play whether they’re engaging in play or simply spinning its wheels like a fidget spinner. It promotes the idea that theres no wrong way to enjoy it.

Following the success of years Braille Twin Mill, which was the Hot Wheels car to feature Braille dots both in its design and packaging Mattel has been working with ASAN to create inclusive products across their toy brands. They recently introduced Bruno, a character, with autism into the Thomas & Friends franchise.

The Flippin Fast toy is now available at retailers nationwide for $1.25 in time for Autism Awareness Month, in April. This release not shows Hot Wheels dedication to inclusivity. Also emphasizes the importance of providing toys that meet the diverse needs of all children.

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