Hot Wheels Silencerz 3 Car Set

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Anthracite, Iridium, Nitrum

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Hot Wheels Acceleracers Silencerz 3 Car Set

The classic vehicles included in this set originate from the 2005 release of Hot Wheels Acceleracers Silencerz toy cars. The trio of cars offered as the Silencerz Set consists of;

Hot Wheels Nitrum Cars

Designer; Harald Belker

Nitrum, car #2, in the Silencerz series and # G8118 in the Hot Wheels Silencerz Collection has seen 11 variations produced between 2005 and 2015. The Hot Wheels Nitrum featured in this set was released in 2005 sporting a metal flake silver exterior with a grille and blue windows. This particular car made its appearance in the Hot Wheels Acceleracers movie.

Hot Wheels Iridium Cars

Designer; Mark Jones

Iridium, car #4 in the Silencerz series and # G8119 in the Hot Wheels Acceleracers has been crafted into 14 versions from 2005 to 2017. The Hot Wheels Iridium model included with this set was introduced in 2005. Showcases a metal flake silver finish.

Hot Wheels Anthracite Cars

Designer; Nathen Proch

Anthracite, car #3 in the Silencerz series and # G8125 in the Hot Wheels Collection has undergone production across 11 versions, from 2005 to 2016. The Hot Wheels Anthracite model included with this set was launched in 2005 featuring a grey paint job.
The Silencerz Car collection features a total of 9 models. Is part of the Acceleracers series produced by Hot Wheels Toy cars, made by the renowned Mattel Toy Company located in El Segundo, California. Introduced in 2004 Acceleracers were rolled out through channels as part of a collaboration, between McDonalds and Warner Brothers.
Other sets of Acceleracers cars crafted by Hot Wheels include Metal Maniacs, Teku and the Racing Drones.

This assortment comprises 1/64 scale toys from the Hot Wheels Acceleracers car series. Alongside this collection are the Metal Maniacs, Teku and Racing Drones sets.

The three car collections available include Nitrum, Iridium, Anthracite and Accelium.

All Hot Wheels Acceleracers Cars purchased from this platform are guaranteed to be brand items that have been taken out of their packaging.

Orders for cars are shipped with delivery to addresses, within the United States within 48 hours of purchase.

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