12 Car Hot Wheels Acceleracers Set


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12 Car Acceleracers Hot Wheels 1/64 Scale Die-Cast Set

Includes: Hollowback, Rivited, Jack Hammer, Rollin’ Thunder, Power Bomb, Ratified, Spine Buster Black & Purple, Nitrum, Anthracite, Iridium and RD-6 

1st Edition Hot Wheels Cars

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Unleash the Thrills: Complete Acceleracers Set

Introduction: Step into the adrenaline-fueled world of Hot Wheels Acceleracers with our exclusive 12-car set. Each car, meticulously crafted and designed, embodies the essence of speed, power, and style. Get ready to ignite your passion for racing with this ultimate collection.

Jack Hammer: Power Personified Carving its path through the Metal Maniacs series, the Jack Hammer stands as a symbol of raw power and dominance. With its imposing presence and relentless performance, this car commands the track with unparalleled authority.

Rivited: Unrivaled Performance As car #4 in the Metal Maniacs lineup, Rivited is a force to be reckoned with. Its metallic orange exterior and black flames exude confidence, while its precision-engineered design ensures unmatched performance on every stretch of the track.

Rollin Thunder: Thunderous Roar of Speed Embodying the spirit of Metal Maniacs, Rollin Thunder roars onto the scene as car #6 in the series. With its sleek design and lightning-fast acceleration, this car leaves competitors in the dust, thundering towards victory with unstoppable momentum.

Hollowback: The Pinnacle of Innovation Standing as car #5 in the Metal Maniacs lineup, Hollowback represents the pinnacle of automotive innovation. Its futuristic design, combined with cutting-edge technology, delivers an unrivaled racing experience that pushes the boundaries of speed and performance.

Nitrium: Silencerz’s Secret Weapon As car #2 in the Silencerz series, Nitrium emerges as a silent yet formidable force on the track. With its sleek silhouette and stealthy design, this car strikes fear into the hearts of its competitors, leaving them in awe of its mysterious allure.

Iridium: Shining Beacon of Speed Car #4 in the Silencerz series, Iridium shines brightly as a beacon of speed and precision. With its polished exterior and sleek lines, this car epitomizes elegance and sophistication, while its relentless performance sets the standard for excellence on the track.

Anthracite: Unleash the Darkness Car #3 in the Silencerz series, Anthracite emerges from the shadows with an aura of mystery and intrigue. Its flake silver exterior and metallic sheen evoke a sense of darkness and danger, while its powerful performance leaves competitors trembling in its wake.

Power Bomb: Explosive Power at Your Fingertips As the inaugural car in the Metal Maniacs series, Power Bomb explodes onto the scene with unrivaled power and intensity. With its pearl white exterior and fiery red flames, this car commands attention and respect, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Ratified: Sealed with Approval Taking its place as car #8 in the Metal Maniacs series, Ratified earns its spot with unmatched style and sophistication. With its flat brown exterior and sleek design, this car exudes elegance and refinement, while its powerful performance speaks volumes about its pedigree.

Spine Buster Black: Dark Horse of the Track As car #7 in the Metal Maniacs series, Spine Buster Black emerges as a dark horse on the track, ready to unleash its fury on unsuspecting opponents. With its menacing black exterior and sleek lines, this car strikes fear into the hearts of its rivals.

Spine Buster Purple: Royalty on Wheels Sharing the spotlight as car #7 in the Metal Maniacs series, Spine Buster Purple reigns supreme with its regal purple exterior and commanding presence. With its bold design and powerful performance, this car rules the track with unmatched authority.

Conclusion: With our exclusive 12-car Acceleracers set, you’ll experience the thrill of racing like never before. From the raw power of the Metal Maniacs to the stealthy precision of the Silencerz, each car brings its own unique personality to the track, ensuring an unforgettable racing experience. Don’t miss your chance to own this ultimate collection and unleash the thrills of Hot Wheels Acceleracers today.

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